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When doing a web redesign, you delve into your past. There find some amazing opportunities to show appreciation and excitement for your community. That is what spurred the Providence Art Club into a renovation of their website. Making Her Mark was a multi-month, multi-event exhibition honoring their founding women. This event included a symposium, workshops, tours, lunches, speakers, several gallery shows and parties.

The Club was founded in 1880 by sixteen enterprising artists and patrons looking to further opportunities, appreciation and social interests in the community. Eight of those founders were women. You may think that its no big deal however it was unheard of at the time.

Since launching we continue to gather feedback and review the data to tweak the user experience. These are the results so far, before marketing.


  • Sessions are up 27%
  • Page views are up 106%
  • Pages per Session is up 62%
  • Average Session Duration is up 86%
  • Bounce Rate is down by 33% – used to be 60% now is 40%
  • Returning Visitors are now 40% vs 24% previously – membership engagement


Creative direction by Tom Monahan

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